Tuesday, January 8, 2013

52 Weeks of Public Art in the Jozi Inner City- Week 2 (7th to the 13 January 2013)

Graffiti in Ferrirasdorp

As a huge lover of graffiti, it seems only fitting that my second week of "52 Weeks of Public Art" be a graffiti work. This one is found in the Ferreirasdorp area, near Chancellor House which was Oliver Tambo's and Nelson Mandela's Law office. This piece is District 9 themed. If you haven't seen this film...it is awesome. Set in the Joburg Inner City, this sci-fi film centres around aliens landing in the city and the consequences. I think it is heart breaking and is a great comment on how illegal aliens or immigrants are sometimes treated in Jozi.

This great image shows a prawn, or as many would know it "a Fokken Prawn".

I have to say I am not sure whose work this is- I cant quite make out the words, but I am sure someone would be able to tell me, so comment please and share the love!