Friday, November 9, 2012

Pub Crawls in the Johannesburg Inner City!

For nearly the entire time I have been doing tours of the Inner City (4 years!), we (my company Past Experiences) has been talking about or rather threatening to launch a pub crawl and in the last few months we have launched 2!

They have been such a success (just ask the people that have joined us on them) and we have also subsequently organised a few private corporate groups and even a Hen party!

We have tried to cater for 2 budgets- if you have a bit more cash to part with then you can join our private bus crawl called "Phuza Inner City Style"which travels to a whole lot of pubs and drinking spots (historic and new) all over the Inner City. We launched this one with a really fun group of locals who definitely enjoyed many a drink while really getting to know the Inner City!

Our second pub crawl is called the "Braamies Meander"and is a walking tour of all the awesome bars and shebeens in the Braamfontein area! We loved this one and everyones favourite stop was definitely the Shebeen which we couldn't get people to leave as its patrons and owner were so friendly!

Hope you can join us on one soon!

Jo xx