Friday, October 4, 2013

Our New Graffiti Wall by Bias!

As I am sure many of you know- I love graffiti. I think it is such a great way to bring art and colour to a city. A lot of our focus as a city touring company is on the graffiti of the Jozi Inner City and I spend so much time talking about it that I thought it was only fitting to have a wall done at our home.

I also hate the brick that our wall is made of, so graffiti was a great opportunity to cover it.

We had a friend/ Graf artist Bias do this wall for us- he could do anything that he wanted, as long as the colours were bright.

I love what he came up with- and he even included my name, my other half Justin and our evil Puppy Digi in the piece...what more could we ask for!

And now I don't have to look at an ugly wall when I wake up in the morning!

If you are looking for a similar wall or other commissioned work- let me know and I will pass on your details to Bias and his Crew!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Joburg City Festival 25th-31st August 2013

The City of Joburg will be playing host to an action packed Inner City Festival from August 25th to 31st. The festival includes dance, theatre, coffee, food, sport and of course tours with us Past Experiences!

We have scheduled 4 additional fun tours over the week long period so check these out:

25th August- Newtown Graffiti Walk

This tour focuses on the Street Art and Graffiti in the
Newtown area. This walking tour will look at art by numerous local and
international artists that have contributed to this unique industry in Joburg.
Price: R110
Time: 10h00 until 12h00
Meeting Place: Sci-Bono Coffee Shop (Miriam Makeba
Address and Parking: Sci-Bono Parking Lot, Miriam Makeba
Street (across from the SAB World of Beer)
For more info or to book, email us on or phone us on 011 678 3905

29th August: Phuza Braamfontein- Pub Crawl

Braamfontein has so many great bars
all within walking distance of each other, so why not join us for a late
ramble and tour, taking in these watering holes and focusing
on Braamfontein’s regeneration and a bit of history. Stops include historic
bars and the vibiest Inner City shebeen. After the Meander you can stay in
Braamies for a bite to eat and then party the night away!
Price: R100
Time: 18h00 to 20h00
Great Dane, Cnr Juta and De Beer
Address and Parking:
Streets surrounding Braamfontein
Past Experiences does not endorse drinking
and driving. We strongly recommend a sober designated driver or the use of a
taxi company.

For more info or to book, email us on or phone us on 011 678 3905

31st August- Saturday- Spicy Fordsburg Tour

“We have a variety of people living here- from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria and now even from other parts of Africa. The lovely thing about all this is that everyone brings a bit of their culture, and it’s all blended and works well together here in Fordsburg. We have what we call the “square”, which is the hub of commercial activity. Here you will find different shops owned by people of different nationalities. Fordsburg was always multilayered and very cosmopolitan, and in that sense it hasn’t changed much. It’s a very mixed culture, and it makes you see a different side to South Africa”.


Essop Bahana (The Joburg Book-Nechama Brodie (Ed)


Johannesburg is home to so many cultures and we want to help you experience them all. Join Past Experiences for a relaxing Saturday Afternoon walk and shopping tour. We will take in Fordsburg’s history and buildings. We will then stop by the famous Fordsburg market where you can pick up beautiful clothes, henna, incense and much more. The shops in Fordsburg can’t be beat and we will then take them in- from delicious sweetmeats wrapped in beautiful boxes, to fresh home made Indian snacks. The food is really to die for! Why not buy a fresh coconut to sip while you walk round the area and don’t forget the Hindu prayer shops- buy beautiful trinkets and holy statues. We will end off at about 17h30 at one of Fordsburg’s best restaurants for a delicious early dinner. You are then most welcome to walk around the market some more (it’s open till late), have a traditional barbers shave, have your eye brows threaded or make your way home. We cannot recommend this experience enough.


Price: R110


Time: 15h30 until 17h15


Meeting Spot: Train on Junction of Mint and Central Road, Fordsburg


Parking: please arrive a few minutes before meeting time to find parking in surrounding streets


Booking is essential. To book or for more info please email us on or phone us on 011 678 3905.

31 August- Saturday -Soweto Picnic and Photo walk in the Park

Experience Soweto like a local and join Past
for a Rea Vaya Bus trip, walking tour and picnic at
Soweto’s Thokoza Park and a visit to one of our favourite historical and
community sites, Regina Mundi Church.
Thokoza Park
is an important community space, beautifully kept by City Parks and used by
Soweto residents to play, exercise, relax and even pose for wedding photos.
Regina Mundi has for many years played an important role in the surrounding
area. Famous for its role in the 1976 Uprising and subsequent years
of struggle this fantastic space and its photographic collection is always
worth a visit.
This is aimed at photographers, but everyone is welcome to join!
Please bring
a picnic for yourselves (light refreshments/ snacks and drinks are available in
the nearby shops).
This tour
will meet in Newtown and we will take the public bus system (Rea Vaya) out to
Price: R120 (includes Rea Vaya, Transport, Regina
Mundi Donation and Tour)
(Picnic at your own cost)
09h30 until about 14h00 (Times
are estimates as we are using public transport)
Meeting place: Outside
Sci-Bono on Miriam Makeba Street, Newtown (across from the SAB World of Beer)
Parking: Sci-Bono
parking lot on Miriam Makeba Street, Newtown (across from the SAB World of
For more info or to book, email us on or phone us on 011 678 3905

 For more details on the Festival

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Tour of L Ron Hubbards House in Linksfield

A little known Joburg fact, is the strong connection that this city shares with Scientology-in fact its founder L Ron Hubbard lived in Johannesburg for a short time, in the most beautiful house in Linksfield!

Recently I joined the curator of this house which is now a Scientology Heritage site for a tour. It was so interesting to learn more about the man and movement- I am no way affiliated with the religion but it is always interesting to learn about other belief systems. The house documents its founders life and Puneet, the Curator and Tour Guide was so fascinating.

I also have a HUGE OBSESSION with Mid Century Modern and design from the 1950's to 1970's and this house is the perfect example. Restored beautifully to what it looked like when L Ron Hubbard lived their in the 1960's, this house has the most beautiful carpets, furniture, wood panelled walls and floors. The architecture and view are also breath-taking.

If you are looking for something fun to do- why not take a visit to the house- it is so fascinating and well worth it.

Contact Details:

Puneet Dhamija- Director
L. Ron Hubbard House on Linksfield Ridge
0110 540 540
073 505 9832

Friday, July 19, 2013

Some Cool Graffiti Done in Jozi Lately

This graffiti is under the M1 in Newtown, soooo beautiful! It brings such colour and beauty to the area!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Rea Vaya Public Bus System Criticism and Complaint

8th July 2013


To Whom It May Concern

Rea Vaya Public Bus System Criticism and Complaint


We run and work for Past Experiences, a tour company, specialising in walking tours of the Johannesburg Inner City. We aim to get our clients out of tour buses and rather out on the streets, walking through the city.  Our clients are from all walks of life, racial groups, countries and ages-school kids, corporates, foreign tourists, university students, academics, charities and large groups of locals who want to see their own city.  For over 4 years our greatest passion has been the Joburg Inner City, its communities, buildings, history, art and much more. We have invested a great deal in the CBD and Inner City Business and Tourism Industry and are passionate about helping create the community driven, fair, safe city that we and our fellow city residents and workers would want to exist in.

Since 2010 we have also used public transport as a cost effective and green way to navigate Soweto and the Inner City.  For 3 years, the Rea Vaya Bus system has been a pleasure to use! Friendly staff, punctual buses and great routes have been the norm- basically a really user-friendly system. We must have taken hundreds if not over a thousand tourists through the city and Soweto on the Rea Vaya over the last few years. From taking 1 client to Soweto, to groups of 60 tourists on a ride through Hillbrow, to using it in a personal capacity, we have become regular (sometimes daily users of the bus). We have also extensively promoted the Rea Vaya to local and international press, tourists and basically anyone on our tours.

We use the T1 and C3 routes to travel around the city and Soweto and have in the past few years, used the paper ticketing system- we would buy tickets at the Rea Vaya Station or specific shops that sold tickets in areas without stations. Months ago it was advertised that the Rea Vaya would start using a card system (this was then delayed a number of times). We thought a card system would be a good idea for regular users. Unfortunately, I can only say we were very, very wrong.

On the morning of Friday 5th July, we picked up a group of 18 mature students from Wits, visiting Johannesburg for a few months, predominantly from other African cities as well as America, Venezuela and Germany. We walked to the Park Station Rea Vaya, where we planned to board the bus and travel to Soweto. On our arrival we were advised that the new card system had been implemented a couple of days before- I had seen no visible notices of the implementation of the system and from the amount of surprised commuters standing around the station saying the same thing- implementation wasn’t widely known.

The very rude man, selling tickets seemed confused as to what tickets were available and their prices -he even told my colleague that she shouldn’t buy the tickets because it is very complicated. Surely he should want to sell tickets, since it is his job. We had budgeted specifically for the 20 pax and so did not have unlimited funds to get to Soweto and back. There was no option of getting a single paper ticket- rather tourists who will never use the ticket again, had to purchase a card. We were informed that we had to get everyone a card, a single route which is R25 per single trip, which meant we would have needed 3 each during the day, equivalent to a charge of R75 pp. A few days before, this same trip would have cost R27- a significant and unjustified price difference. There was an option advertised on the price list of R37 for 2 trips, which we couldn’t get as the station didn’t have these tickets in stock. The man then informed us that if we went to the Joubert Park Station we could get a free card and load it with whatever amount we needed. We asked whether we could, as a favour, get on the next bus and travel to Joubert Park as we were already running late- where we would then get off and purchase the cards-obviously informing the bus driver of our intent etc. The man said no, - when we asked if we could speak to his manager he said no as his phone was only for his use. We then called the Customer Care centre- when we explained the situation to the lady, she asked to speak to the man and they then spoke to each other on our phone, using our airtime. The lady thereafter informed us that she wouldn’t help us and that we must get 20 people in a taxi to Joubert Park to buy tickets. We said that this is obviously costly and we couldn’t afford it. We then asked her “is that she can’t help us or won’t help us”…she answered WONT.

At this point we decided to walk to Joubert Park Rea Vaya Station which we did- luckily our clients were really accommodating, although they were pretty shocked at the situation. As people who really promote Joburg, we were already very embarrassed and disappointed!

After walking a number of blocks through Joubert Park (in the cold), we arrived at the Joubert Park Station where we were met with more issues. Again after much conversation and confusion, phone calls to management (because the staff are still pretty unsure of the system), it finally came out the only option was paying R50 pp (minimum) for a card and fare, R20 of which is a card holding fee. Additionally, each person on the tour had to give their personal details and ID number as well as choose a card pin. The process for 20 people to get cards was difficult, confusing and took a great deal of time. They first had to sign a register to get the card, then walk across to the other side of the station put in a chosen pin (a number of times into a machine -pin at least twice plus a number of other buttons), then pay R50. Again we were not the only people standing in the queue- everyone. Including daily commuters were getting irritated by the system and complaining. Luckily the staff at Joubert Park were helpful, unlike the man at Park Station. We realise they didn’t choose or implement the system and are working within a very difficult situation. One staff member in particular Mandla Ngwenya was absolutely fantastic, foregoing his lunch hour and even providing us with his phone number in case we had any issues during the day.

But by this point we had been trying to get a ticket for 2 HOURS! That is 2 hours of an 8 hour tour! 2 hours less to show how great Johannesburg is. The group were cold and hungry by the time we got on the bus and very disappointed in the Rea Vaya System! In over 4 years of running tours, this was the most difficult day we have ever experienced.

Has anyone involved with City of Johannesburg transport actually used the system extensively? -On a daily basis and made any connection with daily commuters? The problems we experienced today are not just teething problems-these are systemic floors in a ridiculous ticketing system. We are not sure how locals or tourists are expected to navigate this system and its many problems. It goes against everything a public transport system should be. Synonyms for the word public are “community, civic, communal, free and open”, everything the Rea Vaya is not anymore. It is a disaster!

Basically here are the major issues with the new Rea Vaya ticketing system:

·         The Staff do not seem to understand the system- prices, cards etc. We realise it’s new but surely they should have had proper training.

·         The card is only free at Joubert Park-not anywhere else. We have no idea how anyone in Braamfontein, where there are no stations is supposed to sign up for cards and recharge them.

·         The minimum amount that can be put on the free card is R50, R20 of which is a holding fee. Who in Johannesburg can afford this? Totally unrealistic- many people do not have R50.

·         There was definitely not enough notice indicating when the new system would first be implemented-large posters plus media coverage would have been useful in the weeks running up to the launch.

·         As this is a public transport system- surely the community should have a say?

·         Every time you charge your card it costs R1-50. Who does this money go to? Why are we charged?

·         The card is an ABSA Mastercard- is this really needed in a developing city like Johannesburg. Wouldn’t a simpler card be better? What does ABSA make out of this? We understand that the idea is to use this card to purchase items at Pick’ n’ Pay-WHY is this needed? It seems that to travel to Soweto you need to open something similar to a bank account and provide many personal details.

·         You have to fill in a register with all your details. This register is a piece of paper that anyone signing after you can see your ID number, name, contact details, signature. Not the best idea with the prevalence of ID theft. Also bearing in mind the large amount of foreigners visiting and living in Joburg- obviously they do not have ID books or numbers.

·         Everyone is forced to give their details to travel a few kilometres.

·         Surely there should still be the option of once off paper tickets for those who will only use the system 1 or twice- both New York and London have an option like this when using public transport as well as a simple card for everyday commuters.

·         This new system will keep the majority of the Joburg inner City off our own public transport system- it is way too expensive, too complicated and too much information is required. This is public transport for the citizens and communities of Johannesburg, but it no longer caters for them. Realistically people in Johannesburg are very poor- how will they afford this?

·         I have no idea how the children who use the bus to get to school and back are supposed to get these cards without parental help.

·         How will we ever take tourists on this system again?- We were not allowed to buy 20 cards with 1 ID number to keep for company use. This will change the way anyone doing tours in the city works. We cannot spend over an hour on every tour buying everyone cards.

·         This system has a knock on effect for so many people- If we cannot reach Soweto, we cannot support local crafters in the area or community projects and restaurants.

·         Credit cards are not accepted yet

If after one day we can see these issues, surely everyone can! We are incredibly positive and passionate about Johannesburg, and do not complain unless really necessary, but feel we cannot keep quiet when such a travesty is happening right now on our public transport system. In simple terms, this is unethical and unworthy of “a world class African City”. There must be a review of this system change, ensuring that the people of Johannesburg must be catered for, no excuses- just a better system.

Hoping that our views are seriously considered and a workable, budget friendly ticketing system is reintroduced.

We look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Jo Buitendach and Tania Olsson- passionate members of the Inner City Community

Monday, February 11, 2013

Braamfontein Pop Up Shop

One of Tania's Chalkboard Creations

This last weekend we held our first Braamfontein Pop up Shop in a space, provided by one of our favourite regeneration companies- Southpoint.

A very basic industrial space, situated down an alley near the Neighbourgoods Market, we will use this space on a Saturday to promote our tours, start tours, sell Jozi products and exhibit a few pieces by favourite artists. The Prince of Newtown, one of our bestest Inner City Creatives will join us when he can to exhibit some of his awesome jewelry.

So please join us, to chat, catch up and hear more about what we do.

Past Experiences Pop Up Shop Details:

Address: Melle Street (Between Southpoint Central and Branson Centre)
Open Saturday 09h00 to 14h30

Tania and Claire

The Prince of Newtown and his Nephew enjoying the area!


52 Weeks of Public Art in the Jozi Inner City- Week 7 (10th to 16th February)

Chinese Dragon in Chinatown

Since it has just been Chinese New Year, it seems fitting that this weeks artwork is situated in Chinatown. This beautiful concrete Dragon is so eye catching, a strong piece offering protection to the area but also welcoming visitors- it is a favourite! Particularly when the local car guard, does his own style of ThaiChi on it.

52 Weeks of Public Art in the Jozi Inner City- Week 6 (February 3rd to 9th)

Transport Square Cows- Doornfontein

Man oh Man, I loooooove this piece! These beautiful cows were created by Andrew Lindsay of the Spaza Gallery. Found at Transport Square in Doornfontein, these cows chillaxing in the sun are "the bomb". Some are painted, others are mosaic, all are beautiful!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New York- A Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made

Rockefeller Centre

Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys (feat Jay Z) is a song that I often find myself humming when I walk around the Jozi Inner City, and so when I was offered the amazing opportunity to go to New York recently I found it stuck in my head for the entire week I was there.

In New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can't do
Now you're in New York
These street will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Hear it for New York!

(by Empire State of Mind-Alicia Keys)

(link to YouTube Video Link)

And now having spent time in New York, I couldn't agree more with these lyrics. New York is a city of dreams, anything is possible and it will inspire you! Although very different, it does stir up emotions like my city- Joburg!

I wanted to write this blog to share my adventures and also to use it as a "Thank You" to those who made my trip possible. So please follow the link to the song above and listen to it when you read this blog post, I hope it inspires you:

At the end of last year I was offered the opportunity by SA Tourism (via Joburg Tourism) to go to the New York Times Travel Show (a trade fair) in New York. I have to say when I first received the offer, I was really honoured but didn't think I would be able to go, as my company Past Experiences is a small family business. But due to generous sponsorship from South African Tourism and TEP, and my company, I was able to go...and what an experience it was! It was definitely the experience of a lifetime, one that I will never forget and I can never thank them enough but I will try anyway...Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!!

My week in New York was fabulous! A lot of it was spent at the trade fair, selling the Jozi Inner City to industry and consumers, but I was also lucky enough to explore the city too. The Travel show was an amazing learning curve for us and I made contacts and learnt about the US market. It is also a huge step that tourism in the Joburg Inner City has progressed in the 4 years that I have been involved and that it is now being pushed by National and Regional tourism boards and being promoted at International tourism fairs. I am so excited for Past Experiences and Inner City Tourism and the bright future that we have together!
Our (Past Experiences) booth at the South African Tourism stand at
The New York Times Travel Show

South African Tourism Stand that Past Experiences was part of at
the New York Times Travel Show

Luckily we also had some time to play in New York. New York is a dream to walk around in and I fell in love with the height of the buildings, the buzz of the city and the lights! I wasn't the only Joburg representative at the fair, Lebo from Soweto Backpackers and Soweto Bicycle Tours was also in New York. We did some serious walking around NYC and visited Central Park, FAO Shwarz and probably the highlight, we ended up in a Cigar Shop across the road from Grand Central Station, where we smoked cigars and chatted to local New Yorkers. If you know me, you know I love movies made in the 1980's, including BIG starring Tom Hanks, in which he dances on the Giant piano at FAO Shwarz so I had to do that!

Lebo and myself in Time Square
Dancing on the Piano...woop woop!
Tom Hanks dancing on the piano in Big

Luckily for me a friend of mine Kate, has moved to New York in the last 6 months. She took me out, showed me how to use the Subway and we went to the East Village and Greenwich Village which I loved the vibe of....thanks Kate!!  To read more about her worldly adventures check her blog and stunning photos out on

Me in Greenwich Village (thanks for the pic Kate)
Judy from SA Tourism in New York looked after our group like gold, she is awesome and the trip would not have been half as good without her! She took our group to dinner, and we went to a restaurant called Gazala's in Hells Kitchen, which has been featured on one of my favourite TV shows "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives". The food is from the Druze culture which I had never heard, follow this link to Wikipedia for more info on this unique cultural group. The food was so Delicious, very Mediterranean with humus and other meze. My next New York trip I will definitely be back.

SA Tourism Stand
Like Alicia Keys, I think New York is amazing and it did inspire me but it is difficult to sum up my New York experience or what New York is in one blog post, i have looked around to see what others have written and I think writer and New Yorker EB White sums it up best:

The city is like poetry;
it compresses all life, all races and breeds, into a small island
and adds music and the accompaniment of internal engines.” 

Will write again soon, Jo xx

Monday, January 28, 2013

52 Weeks of Public Art in the Jozi Inner City- Week 5 (27th Jan to 2nd Feb 2013)

The Nobel Laureates

Since its Week 5 I thought I should definitely include a Soweto public artwork, so here it goes!

This piece is found in Vilakazi Street in Soweto. Depicting 2 strong and powerful bulls, it symbolises Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu, who have both won a Nobel Peace Prize and both lived in Vilakazi Street at one point.

To learn more about this Public Art and to visit it first hand, please contact Past Experiences for a tour on or

52 Weeks of Public Art in the Jozi Inner City- Week 4 (20th January to the 26th January 2013)

Mosaic at David Webster Park in Troyeville

Johannesburg is such a new city yet it has such an interesting past. I am particularly interested in the anti-apartheid past. So many fascinating events have taken place in Jozi and so many great and brave people spent time here during the Apartheid period and I really think we should remember this.

One way of remembering this is to honour people and events through public artwork. There are a few such artworks in the Jozi Inner City and Soweto and this blog will look at a number of these over the next 52 weeks.

The first such piece featured is this delicate mosaic that can be found in Troyeville in the East of the Jozi Inner City. David Webster was a passionate humanitarian and anti- apartheid activist who lived and was assassinated in the area in the 1980's. The city rejuvenated a park and its facilities and renamed it after him a few years ago. Its a great way to remember a great person!

To learn more about this Public Art and to visit it first hand, please contact Past Experiences for a tour on or

52 Weeks of Public Art in the Jozi Inner City- Week 3 (13th to the 19th January 2013)

The Bull and the Bear

This weeks public art piece is a really great cement piece that is situated in historic downtown Jozi, in an area where the Johannesburg Stock Exchange was based from about 1903 to the late 1970's.

Featuring a Bull and a Bear, which indicate upward and downward trends and are often used to symbolize a stock exchange, this is a really unassuming but effective piece.

Other Stock Exchanges have a Bull and/or Bear outside, and I love seeing how they differ all over the world. Just for fun here is the public artwork that can be found outside the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Picture:

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Bull and Bear
For more details, please join us on a walking tour of the Jozi Inner City- email us on or

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January to February 2013 Tour Schedule

A Huge Hello and Happy New Year to all our Past Experiences Friends and Loyal Clients!


We have had a really busy festive season, with many international tourists, visiting friends and family and local Jozi residents joining us on tours in Johannesburg and Soweto! Thank you for your continued support.

2013 promises to be a great year for us and we have numerous plans to make our tours and offering even better!

The year has started off with a BANG as company founder and Jozi lover Jo has been sponsored by South African Tourism and the Tourism Enterprise Partnership to join SAT in New York at the New York Times Trade Fair. She will be leaving next week for a few days! We cannot thank SAT and TEP enough for this opportunity! We are aiming to sell the Johannesburg Inner City like mad!

We have also started a new project on our blog called “52 Weeks of Public Art in the Jozi Inner City”. We will post a piece of public art on the blog every week of 2013, so please do take a look! We will also continue to post our usual city - themed updates! For more info:                   

So many of you have been asking for our budget tour schedule for the next couple of months so here we go! We have kept it quite light as we know many of you are recovering after the festive season. We might add a few more tours but will update you!

Best Wishes for the Upcoming Year and hope to see you in the Jozi CBD soon!

The Past Experiences Team

January/ February 2013 Schedule

Past Experiences started doing shorter budget walking tours especially aimed at Johannesburg locals in 2009 and we have absolutely no intention of ever stopping these! We believe that Jozi is a place yet to be discovered by her own inhabitants just as much as visitors from afar and so we will always be on hand to show you guys around at a budget-friendly price.

We do this by scheduling a few public tours each month - here is the January/February tour schedule. Booking is essential - so please email us on or phone us on 011 678 3905

Also please note we do create tailor-made private tours for locals, international tourists, corporate groups and schools during the week and on weekends. These are very popular and can be worked around your budget, interests and needs.




26th January 2013- Saturday- Early Morning Marshalltown Photography Tour

Marshalltown is one of the oldest parts of Johannesburg and home to some of its most beautiful and unique buildings. From Edwardian to Art Deco, it is a great place to take some photographs. Join our resident photographer and guide Tania for a walk around this fantastic area. You will have ample time to take photos and Tania will be on hand to give you info on Marshalltown’s history and regeneration.

We will begin and end at the Reef Hotel, where you can have a cup of coffee and relax after the event.

Price: R100

Time: 07h30-09h30

Meeting Place: The Reef Hotel, 58 Anderson Street, Marshalltown

Parking: Reef Hotel parking

To book please email us on or phone Past Experiences on 011 678 3905



9th February 2013- Saturday- I Braamies

If you have visited Braamfontein lately, you will know how absolutely fantastic it is looking. From its stunning new hotel and student accommodation, to its fantastic new restaurants, galleries, shops and the 70 Juta district, this is a tour not to be missed.

Join us for a relaxed but concise walking tour looking at the history, present and future of this special inner city area, as well as a little public art and graffiti!

The Tour will begin at the Grove of the Lamunu Hotel - from there we will discover and learn about the area. The tour will end at the stunning new neighbourhood Goods Market where you can have a delicious breakfast (yum!), browse the stalls or even have a refreshing beer!

This is a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning in your own city.

Price: R70 (Kids 13 years and under R40)

Time: 08h30 and end at about 10h00

Meeting Place: The Grove at the Lamunu Hotel (GPS coordinates: 26.19375, 28.0364) (Corner of Juta and  Melle Street)

Parking: on opposite corner.

To book please email us on or phone Past Experiences on 011 678 3905


16th February 2013-Saturday- Creative Jozi Public Art Tour

Join Past Experiences for a leisurely walking tour of the inner city. This fantastic tour will focus on the wonderful array of public art that can be found in the Joburg CBD. Public Art is great as it is art created specifically for public spaces- as opposed to art created for a private or public art gallery. Public art is for everyone and can be seen anytime. Joburg has awesome public art- both old and new and on this tour we are going to see as much of it as possible. We will also look at the history, present status and rejuvenation initiatives of the inner city as we journey through town.

Price: R110-00 (Kids 13 years and under R50)

Time: 10h00 until 12h00

Meeting Place and parking area: Sci Bono Coffee Shop, Miriam Makeba Street (Across from the SAB World of Beer), Newtown

To book please email us on or phone Past Experiences on 011 678 3905


23 February 2013-Saturday- Jozi Inner City Flash Tours….WOOP WOOP

Why not join us for some flash tours (this means short!) in the Jozi Inner City!! These concise hour-long tours have a number of themes and focus on history, architecture, public art, street art and City culture. This is perfect for anyone who wants to venture into the Jozi Inner City but not sure how to do it! So why not join us for one or a few and explore your city at a great budget price!

Please arrive a few minutes before each tour!

Flash Tour Schedule:

Time: 09h00-10h00

Newtown Graffiti Photo Walk - Guide: Tania

Join resident photographer and guide Tania for a tour of this industrial and graffiti rich area, this tour will give you loads of time to capture the perfect shot.

Public Art in the City - Guide: Jo

This tour will focus on the wonderful array of public art that can be found in the Joburg CBD. Public Art is great as it is art created specifically for public spaces - as opposed to art created for an art gallery. Public art is for everyone and can be seen anytime. Joburg has awesome public art - both old and new and on this tour we are going to see as much of it as possible.


Time: 10h20-11h20

A Tiny Touch of Inner City Shopping - Guide: Tania

Join us on a mini intro to shopping in the Ferreirasdorp area. You will make whirlwind stops at the Chinese Supermarket, a material shop…and a few more surprises. Don’t forget to bring cash for a little retail therapy.

Joburg’s Original Chinatown - Guide: Jo

Did you know Johannesburg’s original Chinatown is in the Inner City? Why not join us on a short exploration of this fascinating area and learn more about its people and history? We will also make a short stop at the city’s oldest Chinese supermarket.

Time: 11h40-12h40

Mandela’s Joburg - Guide: Jo

This flash tour focuses on Nelson Mandela’s life in the Inner City during the 1950s’. We will look at what life was like during this period and visit his law office. We will also learn more about other apartheid activists who spent time in the area.

Newtown Past and Present- the Perfect Intro to an awesome area - Guide: Tania

Newtown is definitely one of our favourite areas in the Inner City. This former industrial area and present day cultural precinct has a lot of heart and is home to many creative….. Join us on a tour looking at its early history, formation, buildings, present status and future development.

Price: R50 per tour (Kids 13 years and under R30)

Times: Please see above

Meeting Place and Parking area: Sci Bono Coffee Shop, Miriam Makeba Street (Across from the SAB World of Beer), Newtown

You do not need to book for our flash tours but for more info please do not hesitate to contact us on or phone us on

011 678 3905