Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inner City Capers -including an expedition to the fabulous London House

I had the most awesome of adventures with Tania on Saturday afternoon. We decided to spend a few hours aimlessly wandering through the inner city taking photo's and doing research.

We found some great places and saw some great city scenes:

Retro Dinner
While walking down Jeppe Street (near Newtown), we found the most awesome looking old Diner. Really fab! It is now some sort of tavern/ bar but the old diner fixtures are all their. We went in and took some pics of the super friendly patrons! It seems to have been next to an old movie theatre. I can just imagine going to see a movie and then having a milkshake and burger at the Diner! Swoon.

Lionel Richie Time Machine
Just outside the Diner, Tania spotted one of the coolest and craziest cars I have ever seen. I love how it looks like a faded Lionel is sitting in the back!

Aegis House
We then ended up near the Rand Club, where we took some stunning pics of the Aegis Building which was home to an insurance company originally but now has some fab shop space on the ground floor. My favourite is the retro shoe shop and the "Sense and Sensibility" Coffee shop.

London House
We were then walking past London House (an absolutely stunning Art Deco building) when the security guard said that we should go inside and take a look! is so stunning. I am not sure what it was originally but it is now full of traditional African dress makers and designers and was still buzzing on Saturday afternoon. It has such stunning original features which is great to see! It also has at least one large "walk in type" safe on each floor! We are totally in love with the building! It also has a great view which we were lucky enough to see from a 13th floor veranda. What is surprising is that although the building does look a bit rundownn from the outside, it is actually looking pretty good inside! I also love how it has such a vibrant, sustainable community working inside it!

We discovered a few more great buildings but I am going to do some research and then will blog about them!

Ill blog again next week! X X