Friday, March 4, 2011

Discovering the City

Even though I spend so much time in the city, I am always discovering something new. I have always said that I would like my life to be full of adventures and Joburg is my adventure.

I have taken part in some fun events, activities and adventures in the city recently.

Archaeological Society Tour with Peter Rich
We went on a really great tour of Ferrierasdorp with the Archaeological Society and prominent architect Peter Rich. It was great going on someone elses tour and it was fantastic as he doesn't only care about buildings but also the communities and people that live in the buildings. We went into Orient House a great building with a strong community feeling which was super interesting- the drying chillies on the roof were stunning. I also just love Ferrirasdorp- definitely one of my favourite areas in the city. It really is like a little village.

12 Decades Hotel/Joburg Photowalkers Photo Exhibition
We then rushed off to an awesome event organised by passionate Joburger Mark Straw (also founder of the ever popular Weekend culture Club and Joburg Photowalkers)- a tour of the 12 Decades hotel and then a photo exhibiton that anyone can take part in inspired by the hotel (which will happen in the next month or so). Its a great hotel as it has 12 rooms, all of which are decorated a different decade of Jozi's history. My fav's were the Love Jozi room and the Nigerian Nollywood room.

For more details on Joburg photowalkers and the exhibition:!/JoburgPhotowalkers

When we were exploring the Main Street Life area after the event, we found this awesome old drain. Now I know a drain might be a strange thing to blog about but it is just such a rare thing to see in the inner city and looked so old and awesome.

St Albans Mission Church
St Albans is a stunning old Anglican church near the Westgate Rea Vaya station on the outskirts of the city. I just love the look of the church and it has a really interesting history. It had a largely coloured congregation who were removed during the forced removals. I have admired this church from afar while on the Rea Vaya to Soweto so it was great to get up close and take some pics.

Fantastic Building...swoon!
I have found a new building to love. It is a really run down building on Marshall Street. It seems to be damaged by fire and years of neglect. It says CPB 1913 on it. I am not sure what it was exactly but will find out and update the blog. A side note: I saw the biggest this building! Smaller than a medium size dog. Crazy. Still I want this building!

Naming Jozi
I dis a really fun tour the other day- its called Naming Jozi and its all about the origins of the building, street and area names in the inner city. Its a really great way to learn about some of the city's most prominent figures. I am doing another one on the19th of March. Hope to see as many of you as possible on the tour!

Catch up soon..hope you have many Jozi adventures till then!