Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inner City Adventures

I have had an absolutely insane couple of weeks- hence I haven't blogged in a while.

To make up for this I am going to try mention everything we have been doing lately even if it means just doing a couple of lines on each! hopefully this will give people some ideas on fun things things to do in the city!

Public Art Tour

We did a great public art tour a few weeks ago. I was a little worried as it was on the same day as the 94.7 Cycle Challenge which means that their were streets closed and I thought people might not be able to get to the event. I was totally wrong..we had over thirty people and it was a fantastic tour. We also had the SABC News Crew come along on the tour. One of the most awesome sights of the day actually had nothing to with art. The Cycle challenge was routed through the city which i think is a great indicator of how the city is on the up and up! The tour stood on the side of the road at Gandhi Square and cheered people on.

Radio Today

I had an absolutely awesome experience the other day. I was lucky enough to be on Gillian Godsell's radio program Jozi Today for an hour. The show focused on Women Entrepreneurs. I was slightly nervous but ended up absolutely loving it...maybe I have a future in Radio! It is a great show and focuses on people and events in JHB. The show is then followed by another program called Heritage Today. They are really interesting and can be found on AM 1485 or DSTV 169.

Book Launch at the Lister Building.

I went to a book launch at the Lister Building in the City. The book looks awesome and i cant wait to get a copy. Its called Positions and looks at Contemporary art is SA. It was a lovely little get together with wine and a stunning view.

Cartoons in Context- Museum Africa

Museum Africa has the most amazing exhibition on at the moment. Its all about political cartoons. Its really fantastic and explains what each cartoon is about so you understand what the context is. They have some really old ones to newish ones that have featured in the Soweton. I can recommend it enough and its free.

Past Experiences Gift Vouchers and Boxes

Why not give someone one of our experiences for Christmas. You can choose one of our budget tours which are presented on a lovely voucher (the date can be chosen by the person later) or our premier choice a beautiful gift box, chocolates, book and voucher for a private tour. Its a really unique and original gift they will never forget!

Imbali Visual literacy Project

When i was at museum Africa the other day I had a look in their shop. They have the most beautiful and unique products. Really stunning printed skirts with a map of Joburg, place mats, embroidered Joburg bags, lights and so much more. They are all part of the Imbali Visual Literacy Project which you can check out at http://www.imbali.org.za/. They are based in Newtown and have some studios at the Bus Factory.

Ernest Oppenheimer Park

I cant tell you in words how stunning this park is looking. The art, garden and public spaces are so colourful, stylish and bright! The JDA and City Parks have done an absolutely fantastic job on this rejuvenation project.

Main Street Christmas Decorations

A couple of weeks ago when we were walking down Main Street we were joking around and said that they should put a sleigh behind the Jumping Impala's and put a red nose on one of them. Well they have done something similar- all the Impala and the Leopard Public Art have beautiful bells around their neck and the trees have been wrapped in Shweshwe material.

Ansteys Building

I have written about this building quite a few times but I was able to go the roof of the building (19th floor) the other day and stand next to the spire (not sure if that's the right word). It was the most awesome experience. We are actually doing yoga their on the 12th December as part of our new "Yoga in the City" and "Fit in the City" initiative. It will take place on the 4th floor which has the most amazing view of the building. We are very excited!

Food Wine Design Fair

We went to the opening of the "Food Wine Design Fair" at Hyde Park. It was fun and had some nice stalls but the parking at Hyde Park was a complete mess. We didn't eat much of the food but had an awesome Beer Steph Weiss...so amazing and some fantastic jewelry from Geraldine Fenn who owns Tinsel in Melville...so beautiful! Their was some great decor items and art. We saw William Kentridge..which was great..I am a big fan particularly his public art- Firewalker.

Mounted Policeman in the City

I was starting my "I Love Joburg Tour" last weekend and we suddenly saw some horses and mounted policeman coming down Market Street. It was lovely to see and later on when we went to the Joburg Art Gallery they were in their horse box as that's where the metro cops are stationed.