Monday, November 15, 2010

Chinatown, New Public Art and Fit in the city

Just thought i would share a couple of things with you very briefly that i have seen in the city recently. The rejuvenation of the Joburg inner city is really happening in a big way at the moment and i am loving the amazing Public art being installed and events going on. My advice to anyone living in JHB who hasn't experienced the city recently is to come on one of our tours and/or just explore your will love it!

Chinatown Dragons
These stunning dragons have recently been put into the old Chinatown in the Inner city. they are really stunning and add to the feel of this historic area! We are going to see them in my Public Art Tour this Sunday if anyone is interested. I love old Chinatown-my favourite part is the Chinese has the most amazing tea caddies, tea pots, tea's and so much more!

The coolest graffiti ...ever
While exploring with one of my fav people Tania- we found this amazing Graffiti! It is totally District 9 themed and even features a prawn or in the words of Wikus van der Merwe "a fokking prawn". So AWESOME! I wonder what genius did it!

Miss Diagonal
Tania and I have started a small business called Miss Diagonal in our spare time. We are selling some great unique and super funky accessories, off the hook 1980's earrings and the occasional item of clothing..and all at a great price! We are selling our items via Facebook, private little get togethers and our new blog ( ). Its not totally up and running but it will be within the next few days.

Oppenheimer Park
I have written about it before but since a whole lot of new art has been added i thought i would mention it again. Harry Oppenheimer Park behind the old post office has had a total makeover in the last few months and it is so fantastic. In the last couple of weeks the JDA has put in a whole lot of new art including a wooden post office, some springboks (a tribute to the Impala statue that was once in the park but now in Main street) and a whole lot more. Check it out ASAP! We are also going to try and take a look at it this weekend in my public art tour if time allows!

Fit in the City
Yesterday was the first in I hope many of our "Fit in the City" events. We started with a 5km walk around the city. We had 16 people which was great. Our youngest members were a 10 week old miniature pug and a toddler in a pushchair. We are hoping to do a jog in the near future as well as Yoga in the City over December. We will also be doing another walk on Sunday 28th! The aim of this is to use the city in a different way..not just for tours..but make it an integral part of all our lives.