Monday, March 26, 2012

Bethesda Childrens Home- Update and Thanks

Just a quick blog post about a wonderful Children's Home in Soweto called Bethesda that is run by the Salvation Army. I have written about them before but just thought I would write a quick update as Past Experiences has decided to adopt the home and help out when ever we can!

Choosing the right cupcake is very important!
Firstly I would like to use the opportunity to thank all those that have made donations in time, goods or financially. We put a note on Facebook just before Christmas asking for any donations and could not believe how generous all our Past Experiences customers (lets rather call them friends) were! We received R2000 in donations from individuals, families and corporates. We were also completely bowled over by those who attended our end of year Christmas party at the home! You were such a help and I cannot thank you enough.

We had a party, made party hats, had lunch, played and danced with the kids! We also just spent time with them which I think is the most important thing! They just love being hugged and talked to! The kids and staff at the home (particularly the most awesome matron Captain Nomsa) are just so fantastic and you cannot but feel absolutely swept up in the excitement and craziness of over 30 kids when you visit!

We did not spend all of the donations on the party but rather decided to buy a few items that they needed after the festive season. They decided on school shirts and underwear so 2 weeks ago we went out and bought 2 huge bags for them.

Play time at Bethesda

Last week Monday we went and dropped them off and also threw a small birthday party for the kids whose Birthday it has been in the last 3 months. Captain Nomsa supplied birthday gifts and we supplied cake, hot dogs and ice cream. It is definitely going to have to be a regular event as one little boy asked if we were coming back for his Birthday in July- I had to answer yes!

Our guide Tania has also come up with the best idea- we will be visiting the home on Easter weekend for an Easter Egg hunt so any chocolate donations are most welcome!

My dad Gerald and Past Experiences Big Boss chatting to the kids- they loved him!
He had a congo line going and some really mad dancing
We hope to make visiting the kids a regular event so any donations (clothes etc are welcome) as we are a small family business and can only do so much!

Thanks again to all those that donated!

Please contact us for any details on