Thursday, September 29, 2011

Training the Southpoint Cool Kids

Owning the Westcliff Hotel

In the last few weeks we have trained 8 Southpoint students to help us with our tours. Southpoint own over 20 buildings in the Braamfontein District of the inner city, majority of which are student housing.

They have thousands of students in the area, which has really changed (for the better) the vibe and feel of Braamfontein. They also own bars, restaurants, a hotel and venues in the area.

We decided to train some students as we needed help with bigger events and corporate groups. Their role is to look after guests and help the guides out on the day.

Southpoint recommended 8 students to us, who are absolutely top notch varsity students. Responsible and with a huge amount of energy, enthusiasm and personality...they are the perfect fit for Past Experiences!

Lunch after our corporate event

If anyone is looking for students to help with events etc, let us know...these guys are awesome!