Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo of the week (8th- 14th August 2011)

House and Leisure's Mad Men Photo Shoot at
His Majestys Building. The model
sits in front of a wood panelled wall with a
map of Africa on it.

 The His Majestys Building is one of my absolute favorite buildings in the inner city. This stunning Art Deco building based on the architecture of New York (particularly the Rockefeller Centre) was built in 1944. It was originally a theatre and law offices. Although the outside looks great most of the interior floors are occupied by dreary prefab walls and an array of random companies.

That said the top floor is AWESOME. The building was home to numerous law firms but the "penthouse" was something special. Totally wood panelled and two storeys high, it is awesome. I was lucky enough to get in and take a look as House and Leisure magazine were doing a "Mad Men" photo shoot. It was better than I even expected.  A sweeping staircase leads up to offices and a large boardroom where a map of Africa takes pride of place on the panelled walls. Although the space is empty, the shelves are still lined with the files and law books. I wish I had the funding to do something with this space.

I will hopefully do a more lengthy blog on the space and show you more pics within the next few weeks.