Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Selling Jozi and a Weekend in the City

I was lucky enough to go to Tourism Indaba in Durban last week. Southpoint one of my absolute fav Inner city rejuvenation companies (they are responsible for a huge amount of fantastic work in Braamfontein) took me along to be part of their stand. Southpoint owns over 20 buildings in Braamfontein and houses over 4000 students in the area. On top of that they also have quite a few student bars in the area as well as 2 roof top bar venues: Sky Bar and Randlords. The view is to die for!

Why they were at Indaba is because they also have a stunning 60 bed hotel in Braamfontein called Hotel Lamunu (BTW- a great place to have an after work drink). We are working together to sell the inner city as a leisure destination. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s got loads to see and do and you can do it all using public transport. My suggestion is that if you are looking for something a little different to do over the weekend, why not book a night or two at an inner city hotel and really experience what city life is all about!

People (both local and international) had such a good response to our inner city product. It’s really exciting and I can’t wait to show them around and help make Jozi a tourist destination.

The Carnivore Resturant team- really friendly
It was also great to meet other Joburg products, organisations and establishments at Indaba. It is funny how we have to go to another city to meet. I met some great people from the GTA and Carnivore Restaurant (weird since im a vegeterian) who I hope to meet up with soon.

Kieliepensie Day Care on a Gautrain Visit
After Indaba I was on the Gautrain on my way home and I saw a really lovely site that made me fall in love with Jozi just a little bit more. A day care called Kieliepensie Dagsag from the East Rand were going on a school trip on the train. All the toddlers, babies and kids were dressed in their bright yellow tshirts, loaded into prams or walking. It was so great to see locals so excited to be using the public transport. What also got me really excited is that the Gautrain will be in the city soon! It will open up the city to a whole new group of people...I can’t wait!

We also did a lovely little tour last Saturday morning. Our guide Tania lead us on an adventure through the Mining District ending off with tea at the Rand Club. I have recently become a member of the Rand Club and I am so excited. I love its history and its building and I plan to spend many an afternoon reading in its library and many an evening drinking in the bar!

We have some great events coming up over the next few weeks so keep in touch

The Joburg Tour Guide xx