Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventures out of the city of gold!

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A few weeks out of the city- but I survived!

For the first time in a very long time I have actually spent some time away from Jozi and my beloved inner city.

First up over the festive season I went to Knysna for a family Christmas. It was loads of fun going for long walks, relaxing, swimming and spending time with my immediate and extended family. Cant wait to go back!

Me and Justin (AKA Monkey) then had to rush back to Joburg as we were flying to the UK on the 29th with our friends Amy and Ross. I lived in London for two years and haven't been back since so I was really excited. We had an absolutely fantastic time in London, Edinburgh (thanks Lauren, Ray and Caitlin for having us to stay), Dublin and then London again (thanks to Jackie and Nick for looking after us like Gold). It was great experiencing the culture, art, fashion and pubs!

It was super getting home as I had missed our Joburg City adventures alot...but then ended up going to Capetown for the week, last week as I was accepted to do my Masters part time. I only have to be in Cape Town for 4 weeks over the entire year which is great as its a fantastic city to visit but I still get to be in Jozi. I am also really excited about my course. It is a Masters in "Heritage of the Built Environment" and looks at conserving buildings...which if you know me at all you know how much i love that. I get to do my first project on Liliesleef Farm....yay!While in Cape Town I also got to stay with Raphaella a really awesome friend...she cooks the most awesome food and it was like staying in a hotel. I cant thank her enough. the area she lives in also has some great Art deco buildings..very Miami!

I had to then get back ASAP as I had tours all weekend. They were great and we had some fantastic people on them. Sunday was really busy as I had a tour in the morning and then took a journalist and food blogger around to give him an idea of the city. We also decided to go for lunch in Soweto which was great. Interesting Fact-Vilakazi Street is a hang out for bikers on a sunday afternoon...weird. The street also has some great new public art and sign boards up. Awesome but a very busy weekend!

Its great to be back and I have a very busy year ahead of me....hopefully its a fun one.