Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art, Buildings, Soccer, Zingara and a Moonboot- Two weeks in Jozi!

I have had some awesome fun in the "City of Gold" in the last couple of usual. So please check out whats been happening in my life and in Johannesburg!

School Tour of FNB Stadium with 124 kids
I was contacted a few months ago by a small rural school in Hobhouse in the Freestate. They were interested in a tour of some of Johannesburg's stadium's. We put a few packages together which they could choose from but they could only take the most simple package (tour of FNB Stadium) we offered due to a serious lack of funds. My company Past Experiences then decided to sponsor the kids worksheets, pens and party packs. We were lucky enough to get additional funding by our bookkeeper which meant that we could give them really awesome party packs. A few days before the school visit we went on a tour at the stadium ourselves. Its really fun as you get to go behind the scenes and see the change rooms, VIP areas and so much more. The kids then went on a similar tour a couple of days later but were lucky enough to have it done in Zulu as English isn't their home language. The kids and teachers had an absolutely awesome time at the stadium and were so appreciative of their worksheets and packs. I would love to organise more tours like this particularly for underprivileged schools. If anyone is interested in funding an outing we would be happy to organise the schools and events!

Fashion Kapitol Update
I did an inner city shopping tour a couple of weeks ago and was so excited to see that the new "Fashion Kapitol" development in the city is starting to open and has some exciting tenants. My favourite so far is the "Fashion Shack" which has the most stunning shweshwe clutch purses! I bought one for a friends birthday and now i want one as well.

Beautiful Building in Fox Street
I was in the CBD doing research the other day and stumbled into the most stunning building! I wish i could live in it...the green tiles and roof are just stunning.

Creative Jozi- A Public Art Tour of the Inner City
I will be doing a public art tour of the city this Sunday the 3rd of October. I will write more about it afterwards but just thought I would give it a quick mention as Joburg has such a stunning array of art dotted around the city and I am just so proud of it!

Madame Zingara
I was lucky enough to go to the opening night of Madame Zingara last weekend. It is absolutely amazing! It takes place in an old circus tent (apparently one of the last remaining mirror tents in the world) and basically you are treated to the most amazing circus/ performance. It is so stylish and reminds me of an old carnival or the circus in "Big Fish". The service is fantastic and the food is Delicious-mezze platter, ravioli, Thai green curry (or for the meat eaters chocolate chili steak) and an array of little puddings! I have heard that it can be quite pricey but i cant recommend it enough! Madame Zingara simply rocks. It will be in Joburg until February so go and check it out!

My Moonboot!
And finally (but maybe most importantly as it effects every single thing I do for the next 6 weeks) I am now wearing one of those moonboot/cast things! Last week Tuesday i basically fell over myself at my parents house and I have fractured two bones in my big really badly (basically crushed it) and the other just a normal fracture. It was so painful and now i have to wear this moonboot for 6 weeks but i have blinged it up with some stickers to cheer me up. Also my job is all about walking around the inner city and my bar job is also about moving! So basically I am screwed but thats life and I am just going to have to make a plan.

So from a hobbling Joburg Tour Guide..write soon!

(Please note- some of the pictures (the better ones basically) were taken by Justin Du Piesanie of Shutterproof Photography)