Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun around Town!

Past Experiences have had a couple of really busy weeks with all the tourists here for the world cup. I have taken some great Americans, Brits and Mexicans around! That said we still found some time to do an awesome "I Love Newtown" tour on the 16th of June (Youth Day)for locals. We followed the stunning Newtown Heritage trail and also took in Museum Africa, the Workers Museum and was loads of fun!

Museum Africa is looking the best it has looked in over a year and half- they have filled up their empty exhibition space at last and have got a great June and July program. They have guides in all the major exhibitions which really add to the experience! We were also lucky enough to watch one of their daily storytelling performances. It was great and I would recommend it to as many people as possible!

Mid-tour we did our usual coffee stop at Kaldi's on Mary Fitzgerald Square. Definitely my favourite coffee shop in Joburg . They do really great coffee and tea and have a really unique cheescake- its as if a cheescake and a milk tart had a baby- a cinnamony cheesecake!

We ended off the tour at Sci-bono which is Johannesburg's fabulous Science Museum. I cant recommend it enough. Its really fun for any age and its great for people who don't normally like museums or even science- all totally interactive and awesome! My friend Tania and myself had a great time playing on all the exhibitions. Some of our favourites were the heat sensing camera (it was like being in a spy movie), the chill zone where we could listen to soccer related stories on earphones, the tiny crane which I operated while talking on my phone...rebel! Our absolute favourite though was the fighter jet which you can sit in! We went all Maverick and Goose and sang the Top Gun Theme tune "Highway to the Dangerzone"...way to cool!

If you have any spare time over the next few weeks I totally recommend going to Newtown! It is looking fantastic and its so much fun! Why not enjoy a relaxed lunch at Sophiatown or if you are feeling flush-have dinner at Gramadoelas and catch a show at the Market Theatre. The World Cup Spirit is amazing in the area so you have to catch at least one game at the fan park on the square. Have fun!